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Covid 19 Measures Restaurant 19th July 2021

Stay Home!

Stay Home 

If you develop Covid 19 symptoms:
*new, continuous cough
*high temperature
*loss/altered sense of taste and smell
Have a positive test result
Have been asked to self isolate by NHS Test & Trace 

Please stay home and do not come out. We are happy and grateful to be living and working in a community where people care for each others well being. Thank you for not putting our staff and guests at risk by staying home if you should be self isolating.

Masks, Social Distancing, Meeting Friends & Family, Test & Trace

*Face masks are no longer a legal obligation from the 19th of July. 
This means you will no longer need to wear a mask in order to enter or move around the building. 
Should you wish to continue wearing a face mask regardless, this is of course perfectly fine. 
We would recommend that you do wear a mask in the corridors leading to the restrooms as these are on the narrow side and you may be going past other guests at close quarters.

**Our staff will no longer wear face masks. We do  of course  support any members of staff that wish to continue wearing them but we will not be enforcing this as a business. 

*Social Distancing 
It is no longer a legal requirement to keep your distance from others. 
We would ask that you please be mindful of other guests who may wish to keep their distance. 
Whilst you will not need to follow the one way system any longer please do respect the (increased) personal space of our staff and other guests.
If our staff members instinctively take a step back whilst dealing with your request we ask that you please respect their desire for space and not move closer to them.  

*Limits on get-togethers 
There will no longer be limits on the number of people allowed to sit together or get together for a gathering. 
We are very much looking forward to help bring people together rather than keeping them apart. 
Please do be aware that due to the lay out of the building we cannot accommodate larger tables in certain areas as this blocks staff access/ escape routes. If you would like to book a larger party just get in touch and we will be happy to assist. 

*Test & Trace
This will no longer be a legal  obligation. We will have some posters  up with the QR  codes  to check in if wish to do so but this will no longer be enforced. If you would prefer to leave your details on paper for Test & Trace you can ask a member of staff for a form. 

The Bar

"The customer is always right...and the bartender decides who is still a customer."

You will be able to order at the bar! 
We are looking forward to it but, it is not now how it always has been in the olden days, before Covid. 
If you order at the bar whether this be food or drink we ask that you pay as you go. 
Please be mindful of others sitting at tables in the bar area and give them space. 
Table service will  continue so we will need to keep a corner of the bar accessible for members of staff to be able to pick up drinks. 
There will be no seats available at the bar at this time.

Table service will continue inside and outside through the summer (we will adjust things slightly come the autumn).
We do ask that if you are sitting outside you do make yourself known to a member of staff in case they have missed your arrival!

Please do not sit on dirty tables! If there are plates/glasses etc on a table you would like to sit at please be patient while a member of staff clears and sanitises the table for you. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support. 

Measures at The Crown

We are well aware this is a key area of focus in minimising the risk of Covid. We open windows and doors first thing in the morning and weather permitting, these stay open through the day. We do of course also have outdoor seating though this cannot be booked in advance. 

*Minimising Contact & Cross Contamination
We do ask that you do not sit at dirty tables and give our staff a chance to clear and sanitise these for you first.
We will continue to use disposable printed menus.
We will continue to provide cutlery etc as and when needed rather than laying tables in advance (unless we do so to  accommodate bookings where the table will not be in use before  the allocated booking arrives). 
Salt and Pepper pots will be sanitised  after each use (apologies if this leaves  them slightly's the sanitiser residue). 
Contact points will continue to be sanitised at regular intervals. 

*Sanitiser everywhere! 
Hand sanitiser is provided throughout the building and we would encourage guests to make use of it.  

Staff Testing

Our staff are required to perform home tests twice a week and stay home if they get a positive result, develop symptoms or are asked to do so by Test & Trace.
Our staff have done a fantastic job over the past year and a half. They have adapted to measure after measure and have managed to still keep a smile on their faces (albeit covered by a face mask in recent months) and a willingness to do their very best to make sure your experience with us is both memorable and enjoyable. 
 They do take Covid safety and your wellbeing seriously so we do ask that you also be considerate of their safety also. Please refrain from travelling if you should be self isolating. Please respect their personal space (should be easier to hear them without  the mask muffle). 
Thank you for your understanding and patience as we adapt to yet another change in rules and guidance. 

If you are concerned

We understand that some guests may be weary of this new found "freedom".

We hope the points outlined above will give you a good idea about what to expect when coming to The Crown but we understand that it is no substitute to talking to us. 

If you would prefer a table that is more tucked away from the hustle and bustle please talk to us when you book a table. Our restaurant is small but we will always try our best to accommodate. We will always be happy to take the time and explain your options. 

We do have outdoor seating though this cannot be booked in advance. You are welcome to move outside even if you have booked a table indoors. 

We have strived to make The Crown a safe and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy. This has only been possible with the dedication of our staff and the cooperation and support of our guests. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

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